Stones Art Rocks

hand painted stones art for every occasion

Welcome to Stones Art Rocks

Stones Art Rocks is a place on earth where you will find different shapes and sizes of plain river stones being transformed into beautifully hand-painted work of art which is truly unique, exclusive and exquisite.

Stones Art Rocks is also a channel that provides great opportunities for shoppers who are looking for

- gifts which are not produced in bulk,

- gifts that are not identical in colours, shapes and sizes,

- gifts that provide you with a choice and freedom to choose the designs that fit your likes and fancies,

- gifts that enable you to personalize each and every one of your gifts.

Where else can you find an outlet like Stones Art Rocks if it is not the one and only Stones Art Rocks in this world?  

I sincerely hope that you have a fun and enjoyable time exploring the world of Stones Art Rocks and choose to take home a few of my hand-painted stones at the end of your exploration!

Therefore, my Dear Friends, get ready to be amazed by the Stones Art Rocks!

Pact of River Stones and Artist


I wanted to try painting on other surfaces besides canvases, art papers and fabrics.

The river stones wanted to be more than just stones being laid in the gardens.

One day, I decided that I should try rock painting.  Remembering that I have shelved some river stones several years back, I took them out from the cabinet.

The moment they saw me, they asked if I were going to lay them in my garden surrounded by potted plants.   I told the river stones that I intended to paint them by taking advantage of the beauty of their shapes which will  enhance the art of stone painting.     

They were pretty relieved and excited with the idea knowing that they could be more than just stones and would be contributing to the world of art.  I was very happy as I acquired their blessing and was given the opportunity to paint river stones.      

Therefore, we made a pact and brand named our newly found inspiration the Stones Art Rocks